QR Code Waiter Calling System

QR Code Waiter Calling System

With social distancing set to stay for some time, the fewer times a Waiter / Waitress has to visit customers at their tables, the safer it is deemed to be.

This is a simple, easy to set up calling / alert system for Restaurant Customers to request their serving staff / team member to visit their table during their time in the restaurant.

Please note: Web design Imagineers is not affiliated with the makers of this software nor does it condone the use of it. It is entirely up to the individual restaurants and cafes to decide whether or not this is the best way for them and their customers.


Simple. When you begin using this facility, you will be provided with a number of links, one for each table number in your restaurant. We will create one QR code for each of the links which you may print out and display at each table.

An example of the links which we will provide (one for each table):

Table 1:
https://mobileapp.wdimobi.co.uk/wp-content/plugins/qr-code-waiter-calling-system/?location=Table 1

Table 2:
https://mobileapp.wdimobi.co.uk/wp-content/plugins/qr-code-waiter-calling-system/?location=Table 2

The customers are assigned their table and they may scan the code with a smartphone. They will then see the alert page with three buttons:

1: Call Waiter

2: Request Menu

3: Request Bill


The Restaurant opens a link on a PC or Tablet behind the counter which will display all the requests as they come in with a table number displayed. When they wish to action one of the requests, they tap that request and it cancels out.

View actions:

Try this out by scanning the example QR codes. Use a smartphone as the customer and also a Tablet as the restaurant staff.

More info available by contacting us at graham@webdesign-imagineers.co.uk and in the subject line please enter QR Code Waiter Alert Info and then add your questions.