About The PWA New Browser App

About The New Browser App (PWA)

Welcome to our new Mobile App. It is called a Progressive Web App, which means it runs directly on your device with no need for App Stores or Play Stores. No downloading!

All people need to do is set this to their homescreen in exactly the same way as they do to create a bookmark.

This is a demo design. It will show you the features you may have on your app, to help you with your business.

We have built this to work for a lot of different business models, depending on the content. It just depends what you want in your app.


  • We have used an open source software framework to work accross the board for a large number of business models, with a preset theme.
  • To personalise this, we brand the app to your business.
  • We start with a number of standard features like; Homescreen, About Us page, Menu Pages, Contact Details, Email Form.
  • We then add a number of preselected features to work specifically for your business.
  • The features are all created using open source software from different authors.
  • Your app content may slightly differ in design from this demo app.

This is how we can give you a mobile app at such a low cost!

You will find the following features all showing within this demo:

  • Homescreen with “Tap To Call” Button
  • About Us Page
  • Menu Pages
  • Contact Form
  • Contact Details Page
  • Spreadsheet / table page (for lists, prices, products etc)
  • Messaging (coming soon)
  • Location Map
  • Gallery

For Restaurants & Cafes:

  • Touch free restaurant menu facility
  • Touch free Serving Staff Alert / Request facility
  • Loyalty incentive (coming soon)
  • Table bookings

For service firms and suppliers:

  • Quotation / booking request facility

Bookings & Loyalty:

  • Appointment booking requests (salons, beauty etc)
  • Loyalty incentives (vouchers & coupons)


As you can see, there are more facilities coming online. They will appear on this demo version soon.


Instead of having to go to the App Stores to download the app onto your mobile device, you simply invite your prospective app users to scan a QR code (which we provide) or tap a link and they will see your app appear on their device browser.

Apple & Android devices will see a popup showing how to set the icon on the device homescreen which delivers a PWA (Progressive Web App) to your device. The full app experience!


Drop us a line using the contact form on this demo version, or use graham@webdesign-imagineers.co.uk and let’s discuss the way forward.